Solawrap Travels To An Orphanage In Nicaragua For Aquaponics Project

Three cheers for Cleveland High School students, who had to travel a few thousand miles to complete a class project! Their destination was a remote village in  Kisalaya, Nicaragua. The group of 10 students and 4 [...]

What Do Greenhouses and Water Have In Common?

Now here’s an interesting thought…What do greenhouses and water have in common? They both need to be the best they can be in order to grow the very best plants possible.  A healthy plant needs a greenhouse that [...]

Top 5 Tips for a Successful Greenhouse

Greenhouses….they come in a variety of sizes, exist in varied climates, and contain all types  of plants.  What are the Top 5 tips to better your chances of having a successful greenhouse? It starts with the [...]

Solarwrap vs. SolaWrap – What’s the Difference?

Recently we’ve had many customers ask us if there was a difference between Solarwrap and SolaWrap. So we thought we could help everyone out be doing a little compare and contrast on our blog so that we could once [...]