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Greenhouses….they come in a variety of sizes, exist in varied climates, and contain all types  of plants.  What are the Top 5 tips to better your chances of having a successful greenhouse? It starts with the cover.  Introducing SolaWrap.….

SolaWrap Films is a unique greenhouse covering material that has been in Europe for over 30 years.

Here are the Top 5 Tips for a successful greenhouse:

  1. Diffused Light:  SolaWrap offers up to 83% diffused light. That makes it the only product on the market with both high transparency and a high diffusion rate.
  2. R-value of 1.7:   SolaWrap save  energy thus saving you money
  3. 10-year warranty against UV degradation:  This film will not change color, get foggy or streaky.
  4. Water-tight and airtight:  When used as a greenhouse roofing or walls, SolaWrap has withstood hailstorms, snowstorms and hurricane winds with both hot and cold snaps.
  5. Strong:  Withstands up to 120 pounds per square foot of snow load = approx 15 feet of snow!

SolaWrap greenhouse film’s magic lies within the unique bubble design. This bubble design allows for a full year-round production at a fraction of the cost of traditional greenhouse films.  83% of sunlight diffuses through more than 100 air bubbles per square feet. This gives your plants 30% of healthy infrared light. This even diffusion avoids shading and burning areas. The results are faster growing, healthy plants

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