Install SolaWrap Up Once, and you are DONE! Recovers are a thing of the past!

SolaWrap Bubbles

SolaWraps has many super powers. It starts with the heavy duty bubbles- 100 air bubbles per square foot.

The Bubble Greenhouse Plastic SolaWrap

SolaWrap Bubble film up close

SolaWrap Greenhouse Plastic Delivers Significant Energy Savings

SolaWrap provides an insulating effect that retains up to 95% of heat radiation with an impressive R-value of 1.7.

This energy efficient design represents significant cost savings for its users.

SolaWrap Greenhouse Plastic Delivers Significant Energy Savings

The High Transparency Greenhouse Plastic!

             Transparency: 83%
             Diffusion: Up to 83%

Is it windy where you live? Does the wind exceed 100 mph? That's what our film is rated for- but can your greenhouse take that kind of wind? 

SolaWrap greenhouse film lets in the light

SolaWrap Greenhouse film handles a Snow Load of      120 lb

SolaWrap Greenhouse

Lots of Greenhouses over the years!


It's strong enough to stand on- SolaWrap

Isn't it time you got "SolaWrappped"

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SolaWrap greenhouses SolaWrap Greenhouse Plastic has proven itself in hailstorms, snowstorms, hurricane-force winds, and severe heat and cold. 

Greenhouse Plastic SolaWrap - 10 yr UV warranty

The profile Attachment

The locking mechanism ensures a water and air-tight structure that withstands even the most extreme elements and climates.

SolaWrap connector

SolaWrap is a polyethylene film that is completely recyclable and is safe to incinerate.


SolaWrap Geodesic Greenhouse

SolaWrap Greenhouse covering is a 17-mil, 3 layer poly film is a highly engineered greenhouse plastic that is built tough to last long, resist harsh climate conditions, insulates, and diffuses sunlight at 83%.

Geodesic SolaWrap Greenhouse

Time is Money! Labor costs money. SolaWrap is so strong that chances are very good you won't need to replace this greenhouse plastic for years and years! Some houses in Europe are still going strong after 30 years. The panels were strength tested in the lab, and they were as strong as when they started! Don't lose sleep or your crops when that nasty storm hits!

As a backyard grower, nothing beats your own organically grown produce! Your house will stay much warmer than conventional houses in the harsh winters. SolaWrap has a 1.7 R factor for insulation!

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Geodesic SolaWrap Greenhouse

Solawrap greenhouse build

Large Greenhoue Build SolaWrap

Greenhouse Plastic SolaWrap

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The Greenhouses Plastic with the Heavy Duty Bubbles

SolaWrap  guarantees an even light diffusion over the entirety of the structure.
The diffused light scatters evenly so as to avoid and eliminate the common difficulties of both shading and burning areas with the structure.


Greenhouse plastic SolaWrap

SolaWrap- More than 40 years of proven innovation

GPS/ SolaWrap guarantees the film with a 10 -year warrantee against UV degradation. Tested and proven over 40 years, amazingly the films do not change in color or transmission charecteristics after being exposed on greenhouses

SolaWrap- More than 40 years of proven innovation. Free Sample call 866 597 9298

Best Roll-Up Curtain Solution 

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Roll up curtain SolaWrap.

SolaWrap Is Guaranteed 10 Year UV Warranty

Who is Afraid of a little now say 120 lbs/sq ft?

Not SolaWrap! Let It SNOW!

Let it snow....SolaWrap Greenhouse Film

Customers LOVE SolaWrap...Just Saying!

Solawrap greenhouse plastic film install

SolaWrap greenhouse build


SolaWrap greenhouse