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SolaWrap has Redefined how to Cover Greenhouses

It’s the greenhouse plastic solution that saves energy, increases plant growth, and increases profits for your business.

What is SolaWrap Greenhouse Film?

SolaWrap Greenhouse film is truly revolutionary in that it saves energy, offers UV protection and has unmatched durability with transparency that extends the growing season. The unique bubble design is what allows SolaWrap the capability to allow for year-round production with strength, longevity and better growing.


Why SolaWrap Greenhouse Film?

  • 10 Year Warranty Against UV Degradation
  • R-Value: 1.72
  • Snow Load Capacity: 120 lb/sq ft
  • Wind Load Capacity: 100 mph winds
  • Transparency: 83%
  • Diffusion: Up to 83%
  • Best Roll Up Curtain Solution 
  • Expected Lifespan: 15-25+ years
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