What Do Greenhouses and Water Have In Common?

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Now here’s an interesting thought…What do greenhouses and water have in common? They both need to be the best they can be in order to grow the very best plants possible.  A healthy plant needs a greenhouse that will diffuse the light, keep the plants warm and safe from harm – and it needs clean water to be happier and stronger.

To be the best grower you can be. It is important to look at other facets of your growing. We here at Solawrap also believe in a full and well rounded system of growing. Whatever your crop is. Education is the key. Below is a link to  an article from our friend Ivan, from Metrolina Greenhouses regarding his water systems. 

In this article titled, “Talking Shop:  Metrolina’s Quest For Clean Water”, Ivan from Metrolina discusses the following topics:

  • The importance of clean water
  • How the quality of water is viewed with their growing style
  • The testing and comparing of Ozonated water versus pond water
  • A look at Metrolna’s complete water system

Happy reading.

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