Elliot Coleman Loves SolaWrap

“SolaWrap has superior insulating quality, compared to sheet plastic, in order to keep heat in the greenhouse. It is ⅓-inch thick and has an R-value of 1.72, which is superior to the expensive triple–wall polycarbonate. We also appreciate that the material comes with a 10-year guaranteed lifespan.”

– Author, Eliot Coleman who has over 49 years of experience in all aspects of organic farming

Solawrap Customers love it!

Fall In Love With Solawrap….. Mark Foertmeyer did!

In 1988, Mark Foertmeyer established Foertmeyer and Sons Greenhouse with the vision of bringing premium flowering plants to the Central Ohio area.


“Everything I put in this greenhouse grows,  I had trees pushing up against the film.  It is amazing, and we are 100% happy with the film!” 

– Michelle LaFriniere

“In testament to the strength of Solawrap we had an unusually large and wet 4 inches of snow earlier this year, which collapsed the 1 inch ribs in the greenhouse. However, it was all held together by the Solawrap. The fabric did not even come out of the slip channels at all. That was the only thing that kept the whole greenhouse together. When we went to clean the snow off the supporting ribs we were able to raise it back up right away. Pretty amazing because the 14 foot high ceiling spans almost 20 feet wide and the snow was very heavy. Not even any stretching of the Solawrap let alone any tearing was observed.”
 – Dana Harden


“Your roof held up very well! We had more snow this year than we did in 1979 which was about 75″ total. Thank you.”  
– Ken Kinsch- Kinsch’s Garden Supply

“Everything I put in this house grows,  I had trees pushing up against the frm.  It is amazing, and we are 100% happy with the film! “
– Michelle LaFriniere
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