Solarwrap vs. SolaWrap – What’s the Difference?

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Recently we’ve had many customers ask us if there was a difference between Solarwrap and SolaWrap. So we thought we could help everyone out be doing a little compare and contrast on our blog so that we could once and for all clear the air.

Solarwrap is like a Solar panel

For starters Solarwrap as in “solar-panel” is a product that fields sun energy for the purpose of reusing that energy later on. Solarwrap is literally a product that is very similar in application to a solar panel. It comes as a liner that is often used during camping trips as a portable means to capturing sun energy to charge cell phones and other electronic devices.

Polydress SolaWrap is the #1 Greenhouse Covering

On the complete contrary, Polydress SolaWrap (notice there is no “r”) and is pronounced “Sola” ; is a highly durable and easy to install greenhouse cover. SolaWrap is quickly becoming recognized as the best solution to the greenhouse roofing industry.

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