SolaWrap Technical Data

Greenhouse Plastic Solwrap with connector

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Roll Width 4', 5' and 6' widths Less one inch
Roll length 328 ft
Weight per square foot approx. 410g/m² (± 10 %)         approx. 1.31 oz/ft2 (± 10 %)
Roll weight approx. 81kg / 178.5 lbs
UV-stabilization/ durability 1.8∙106 BTU/ft2 (20920 MJ/m2, equivalent to 10 years in central Europe at an average annual solar radiation of 4184 MJ/m2 or 100 kly/year)
(ASTM C177-10)
1.7 (ft2∙°F∙h)/BTU
Heat conductivity 0.04 BTU/(ft∙h∙°F)
(ASTM E424-71)
approx. 83 % (light)
approx. 30 % (infrared)
Additional features Anti-fog/anti-condensation additive


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Blue Print of SolaWrap greenhouse film with welded keder-cord



Blueprint of the layout of SolaWrap and the plastic profile/connector


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