SolaWrap's Own Greenhouse Kit Designs

The greenhouse kits are here! 

Greenhouse Kit Includes:

  • SolaWrap Film to construct the greenhouse
  • Metal frame with all the parts

These kits include everything needed to construct a greenhouse except baseboards, heating and cooling.  

***Watch a video animation of a greenhouse structure from the ground up.Here. **

Greenhouse Kit Sizes 

  • 24' x 64'  
  • 24' x 96'  
  • 30' x 72'  
  • 30' x 96'  
  • 34' x 114'  

*   Please call 855-SOLA-USA for further information.

  • SolaWrap greenhouse kits are made with American made galvanized steel tubing.
  • Thickness of the Tubing:  Standard bows are 1 5/8" round, 16 gauge (wall thickness is .065)                                                                                                                                                                        Heavier duty bows are  1 7/8" round 13 gauge (.095)
  • Purlins:  All SolaWrap greenhouses have 5 purlins as well as collar ties and vetical bracing.
  • What differentiates a SolaWrap Greenhouse?  SolaWrap houses only have one connection pint. The bows are only 2 pieces with an 18" sleeve that connects the two bows.
  • End Walls:  All kits have steel end walls
  • Doors:  All kits have steel doors that can be customized when ordering.

Discounted prices for multiple greenhouse purchases.

          SolaWrap Greenhouse building                   SolaWrap Greenhouse structures                                           SolaWrap Greenhousse Structures for sale


For a Custom Greenhouse or a Crop Specific Custom SolaWrap Greenhouse learn more here!

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