How long will  Greenhouse Plastic Last? The Proven History of  SolaWrap!

There is 20 year old SolaWrap Greenhouses Still Going Strong!


 How long will  Greenhouse Plastic Last? The Proven History of  SolaWrap!


Solawrap ™- The greenhouse plastic with the bubbles has been going strong through out Europe for over three decades now. That's how! In the Mediterranean growers have reported their tomato crops have come in 3 weeks ahead of schedule during the winter months. Best of all if these tomato crops have accomplished this growth in UNHEATED greenhouses.

Extreme Heat:  

In Kuwait, SolaWrap™ its durability and longevity was tested in the extreme heat for 25 years until the war broke out and destroyed the testing facility. During that 25 year period, the original SolaWrap™ greenhouse covering film withstood the elements and performed its job to perfection.  It did not become brittle or turn yellow.

Extreme Cold:

In Manitoba, Canada, in freezing temperatures, the strawberries are growing in the SolaWrap™ greenhouse in January.  The only heat occurs at night during the night during the dead of winter.

Extreme Snow Load:

In New Hampshire a snow load test was performed.  4000 pounds of an 11 Foot high pile of snow was placed on top of a 6' x 6' piece of SolaWrap™ attached to a frame.  The whole thing survived without any damage..the connectors or the SolaWrap™ 

Extreme Wind:

SolaWrap™ greenhouse plastic held up after 29 years in winds in excess of 100 mph in Alaska!

Greenhouse plastic SolaWrap

And this is why we are so confident SolaWrap™ will become your "one and done" greenhouse film for your greenhouse!

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