Get Ventilation with a SolaWrap Curtain

Roll-up curtains are a snap with SolaWrap greenhouse plastic. Check out this video and learn more.



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Roll up side curtain

Get Ventilation with a SolaWrap Curtain





Roll Up Curtain Verbal Transcript: 


So why use Solawrap as your option for roll up curtains?

There are a lot of reasons:
  • thermal longevity
  • ease of installation
In this video we'll demonstrate ease of installation.
"Once you put our track along the horizontal length of your greenhouse you're going to bring the filming either from the right side or the left side of your greenhouse and pull it across the face.  There is no need for wiggle wire track which actually hurts your film. Once that is installed you're going to bring down the roof film and put it above the role of curtain and then sandwich it down with whatever material you want to use. In this case we use a narrow extrusion just for aesthetics - but you can use a hole wiggle wire track anything will do. It'll make a nice watertight, airtight seal. Once the film is pulled through as you can see it's pretty simple. It just slides in its track and you're done - you're off to the races. Please note that your track should be level and plumb and lined up to make it easier for you to install. Once this is in place and completed you're going to have a pretty much waterproof situation where you could put water it
 rains hard hail the water will not come into the greenhouse unlike traditional little water is a brand-new piece it already damages it film which creates failure points which you have probably seen before.  
After the installation you end up with a roll up. It's beautiful, thermally superior, offers great diffusion and light captioning, and provides a very very long life.
People ask if all the bubbles are too big but they are very small.  At the end of the day you're going to have an amazing green house.
We at SolaWrap  we just love this greenhouse film.
We believe it's superior.
We believe it's superior.
sidewall curtain
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