Light Dep Greenhouses

Light Deprivation on a Curved Structure                           

Light Deprivation on a Curved Structure     

Light Dep is now more convenient! 

With the advent of technology, having a light dep system is a lot  more convenient during the growing process. Growers appreciate control of the cycle of their plants while the ability to control the ambient temperature.

Our light deprivation systems are uniquely designed to roll on a curved structure. Typically this is done on the outside of your greenhouse structure, so it takes up less valuable crop space inside. Our system can also be installed on top of a lightweight frame on the inside of your greenhouse structure, typically preferred in climates that receive heavy snow and high winds.

Exterior Light Dep Option

The exterior light deprivation structure are more economical to build and don't require as large a greenhouse. Installing a light deprivation system inside are more complicated in the way they function as well as the installation piece.This can make them pricier.

Freestanding Light Dep Greenhouses

When regulations allow, our systems are the preferred method of installing a light dep system on a freestanding greenhouse. Since an external system provides room for additional crops and supplemental lighting/growing systems inside your greenhouse! Your order will be packaged based on your budget, the dimensions of your greenhouse, and the type of automation you are employing.

We package your light deprivation system based on the dimensions of your greenhouse and the type of automation you are employing. Our light deprivation systems are designed to roll on the outside of your structure allowing more room for you and your crop on the inside. Giving you the ability to control when your crop flowers.


  • The most economical, automated  light dep system available.
  • Complete light deprivation utilizing timed controls; inflated perimeter light seal and low voltage curtain drives.

Light Deprivation Greenhouse FEATURES:

  • An aluminum roll bar with integrated Zig-Zag Wire channel
  • Fabric locking aluminum profiles
  • Double-tempered Zig-Zag wire inserts
  • A black on white 9.5 oz. or 16 oz. black out fabric available/optional
  • Inflatable perimeter seal for superior light control
  • Wind control and optional end wall panels
  • Motorized operator – automated or manual switch
  • Available with timed controller
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