Managing Weather-Related Failures: Impact on Cannabis Crop and Strategies for Professional Growers

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The Consequences of a Greenhouse Failure on a Cannabis Greenhouse

If a greenhouse experiences a failure due to severe weather conditions, it can indeed have a significant impact on the cannabis crop. Here are a few potential consequences:

  1. Temperature Fluctuations: Extreme weather events such as heatwaves, cold snaps, or storms can disrupt the temperature control within the greenhouse. Temperature fluctuations can stress the cannabis plants, affecting their growth, development, and overall health. High temperatures can lead to wilting, dehydration, and even scorching of leaves, while low temperatures can slow down growth and make the plants more susceptible to diseases.

  2. Humidity Imbalance: Weather-related failures may also disrupt the balance of humidity within the greenhouse. High humidity levels can promote the growth of mold, mildew, and other fungal diseases, potentially damaging the cannabis plants. On the other hand, low humidity can cause dehydration and stress the plants, leading to stunted growth and reduced yields.

  3. Light Intensity Changes: Severe weather events can impact the amount and quality of light reaching the plants. Heavy cloud cover or prolonged periods of rain can reduce light levels, potentially slowing down photosynthesis and growth. Conversely, intense sunlight during heatwaves can cause excessive light stress, leading to leaf damage and reduced productivity.

  4. Structural Damage: Strong winds, heavy rains, or snowstorms can cause structural damage to the greenhouse itself. Broken windows or torn coverings can result in compromised environmental control, allowing outside elements to enter the greenhouse. This can lead to further temperature fluctuations, increased pest infestations, and a higher risk of crop damage.

  5. Pest and Disease Pressure: Weather-related failures can create favorable conditions for pests and diseases to thrive. For example, excess moisture from heavy rainfall or high humidity can attract pests like aphids, spider mites, or fungal pathogens. Additionally, weakened plants due to stress or damage are more susceptible to infestations and diseases, further impacting the crop's health and yield potential.

SolaWrap Greenhouse Film: The Reliable Choice for Cannabis Growers - Unmatched Durability, UV Resistance, and Energy Efficiency

As the cannabis industry continues to grow, professional cannabis growers are constantly seeking reliable and efficient solutions for cultivating high-quality crops. One essential aspect of successful cannabis cultivation is choosing the right greenhouse cover that can withstand various weather conditions while providing optimal growing conditions. In this regard, SolaWrap™ greenhouse film has emerged as a game-changer, revolutionizing the greenhouse industry with its unmatched reliability and numerous benefits. In this blog, we will explore why SolaWrap is the more dependable choice for cannabis growers.

  1. Unmatched Durability:

SolaWrap greenhouse film is known for its exceptional durability, making it an ideal choice for cannabis growers. With a 10-year warranty against UV degradation, SolaWrap surpasses the warranty offered by polycarbonate, providing growers with long-term protection and peace of mind. Unlike other greenhouse covers, SolaWrap does not yellow or become brittle over time, ensuring its longevity and performance in demanding growing environments.

  1. UV Resistance and Energy Efficiency:

Cannabis plants thrive under the right amount of sunlight, and SolaWrap excels in this aspect. This transparent greenhouse film is UV resistant and UV treated, allowing ample sunlight to reach the plants while protecting them from harmful UV rays. Additionally, SolaWrap's high transparency of 83% ensures optimal light transmission, promoting healthy and vigorous growth. Furthermore, the energy-saving properties of SolaWrap help cannabis growers reduce their carbon footprint and lower energy costs.

  1. Superior Light Diffusion:

One of the standout features of SolaWrap is its ability to provide up to 83% diffused light, making it the only product on the market with both high transparency and high diffusion. This light diffusion feature ensures that the cannabis plants receive uniform and gentle illumination throughout the greenhouse. By reducing hot spots and shadows, SolaWrap promotes even growth and prevents the risk of leaf burn or plant stress, leading to higher yields and better crop quality.

  1. Exceptional Strength:

SolaWrap is synonymous with strength. With a remarkable snow load rating of 120 lbs per square foot (equivalent to approximately 15 feet of snow) and a wind rating of 100 mph (surviving windstorms of up to 135 mph in Alaska), SolaWrap can withstand even the most challenging weather conditions. This robust construction provides cannabis growers with confidence and reliability, knowing that their crops are protected against extreme elements.

  1. Cost Efficiency:

SolaWrap is not only a dependable choice but also a cost-effective solution for cannabis growers. Compared to polycarbonate, SolaWrap offers significant cost savings without compromising on performance. Its flexibility allows it to be rolled up inside wall curtains, providing growers with versatility in greenhouse design and maximizing usable space.


When it comes to cultivating cannabis professionally, reliability is key. SolaWrap greenhouse film offers cannabis growers the perfect combination of durability, UV resistance, energy efficiency, light diffusion, and exceptional strength. With its unmatched performance and numerous benefits, SolaWrap is the go-to choice for cannabis growers who prioritize the success and productivity of their crops. Make the switch to SolaWrap and experience the dependability that sets it apart from other greenhouse cover options.

Note: Always ensure compliance with local regulations and legal requirements when growing cannabis.

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