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What's the Difference Between Greenhouse Plastic, Greenhouse Film, Greenhouse Coverings?

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What is the difference between greenhouse plastic versus greenhouse film versus greenhouse covering?

Greenhouse Covering

The broadest term for this article is "greenhouse covering".  It is used to describe anything that is typically used to put on the roof of a greenhouse. Those coverings are:

  • Vinyl
  • Glass
  • Polyethylene Plastic Film- SolaWrap Bubble film or 6 mil plastic that may or may not be reinforced
  • Polycarbonate either rigid or flexible rolls
  • Polyethylene panels that can be semi rigid or flexible rolls
  • Fiberglass-either rigid or flexible rolls
  • Acrylic which is rigid.

Greenhouse Plastic

The most common term used on the internet to search for a greenhouse covering that is made of plastic is the term, greenhouse plastic.   But even this term can be misconstrued.  Most people think of polyethylene plastic when they search for greenhouse plastic.  Even though acrylic, polycarbonate and fiberglass are made of plastic, it is not thought of as a greenhouse plastic. It is best to be specific when you are looking for the specific covering as poly film is very different from polycarbonate.

Greenhouse Film

Polyethylene film and greenhouse film are used interchangeably. For all practical purposes, greenhouse film falls into the polyethylene category.  It is often thought of as the smooth rather thin plastic material but SolaWrap film is also made of polyethylene, but due to the bubble wrap air bubble design, it may not be the first thing you think of when you say, "greenhouse film".

There you have  it... A brief look at the various terms that are used when referencing Greenhouse Coverings.

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