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Greenhouse Kits- Overview

Greenhouse kits are growing in popularity year after year. Families love the idea of a family project that they can have at home. It offers a learning experience coupled with family time as well as pride of "growership" when the fruits/plants of one's labors are reaped! Those greenhouse grown herbs, lettuce, bell peppers and chard are so much better from your backyard greenhouse than from the grocery store or even from a farmer's market. There is so much more flavor just knowing that you and your family's TLC is what produced your bounty. Additionally the greenhouse to table fruits, herbs and veggies are packed with wonderful vitamins.

Greenhouse Size

There are several things to consider when selecting a greenhouse kit. One of the biggest considerations is the size of your greenhouse. If your backyard space is limited, then that makes the decision easier. If you have plenty of room for a greenhouse, then you will have to decide how big you want to go. The SolaWrap Greenhouse kits come in standard sizes, but we can also create a custom size greenhouse kit to better suit your needs. Often people build what they think is a large enough house only to fall in love with greenhouse growing and want to go bigger. There is the option to expand the existing SolaWrap greenhouse, but it is far more cost effective (due to shipping) to get the size right the first time.

Location of the Greenhouse

Where will your greenhouse be located? Will it be close to your back door, or a ways away from the house? Will it be a fun destination for all to see? Will you want to leave room for a walkway to and from the greenhouse? Consider staking out the proposed location of your greenhouse before taking the plunge. Depending on the climate you can have fun lining the path to the greenhouse with flower pots or hedges. Friends and family will be begging to see how things are growing and going in your greenhouse. Justifiable bragging rights come with owning a greenhouse- don't you think?

The Inside of the Greenhouse

What will you be growing?

The $10,000 question! Will you be growing vegetables in planters or floor beds? Will they need space to grow in height? What about the root system of your plants? How much space do they need? What type of planting situation will the roots require?

If you are growing plants and flowers, do you want them to be at waist level, or is bending down on option?

How will you use the greenhouse?

How do you plan to layout the greenhouse? Will you be hanging plants in addition to utilizing shelving? Will you have everything at ground level? If you use shelving, will it be tiered or will it be stacked one shelf directly above the next? Will you need to use the space below the bottom shelf for storage? Will you have other storage cabinets in the greenhouse? Will you need room for a sink? Do you want enough room to have a place to sit and relax and watch your babies grow? Do you need room for a desk?

More things to Consider

  • Will you need a building permit in the cities in which you live?
  • How will you water your plants?
  • What type of heat requirements are you looking for?
  • What are the dimensions of the shelving and other structures you want in your greenhouse?
  • How will you bring heavy items into your greenhouse? Can a wagon or wheelbarrow fit within the allotted aisle and door?
  • Will you have vents at the top?
  • What about roll-up curtains
  • Do you want a foundation or will you use pavers?
  • Where will the excess water go? Will you have a drain or will you have pea gravel under your pots?
  • Will you use environmental controls to help with the heating and cooling?
  • Do you need extra support to accommodate snow?

Have a great time planning your greenhouse. When it's all said and done, you will have a wonderful addition to your family.

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