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Direct Sunlight vs. Diffused Sunlight: A Comparison of 6 Mil Plastic Film and SolaWrap for Greenhouse Use

Introduction: When it comes to greenhouse gardening, the type of covering you choose can have a significant impact on the growth and health of your plants. In this blog post, we'll compare the effects of direct sunlight and diffused sunlight on plant growth, as well as how different films, such as 6 mil plastic and SolaWrap, influence the way sunlight enters the greenhouse. Additionally, we'll discuss the implications for growing specific plants, including cannabis, and how the durability of the film can affect your crop in the event of a storm.

Direct Sunlight vs. Diffused Sunlight:

Direct sunlight refers to light that reaches plants without any obstruction, while diffused sunlight is scattered and dispersed, providing more uniform coverage. Direct sunlight can cause hot spots and uneven heating within the greenhouse, potentially leading to sunburn and heat stress in plants. Diffused sunlight, on the other hand, provides more even illumination, reducing the risk of overheating and promoting more uniform growth.

Effects of 6 Mil Plastic Film:

6 mil plastic film is a commonly used greenhouse covering that offers affordability and versatility. However, it tends to amplify the effects of direct sunlight, leading to fluctuations in temperature and humidity levels. This can be problematic for sensitive plants like cannabis, which may be susceptible to heat stress and other environmental stressors.

Effects of SolaWrap:

SolaWrap is a durable greenhouse covering made from UV-stabilized polyethylene with air bubbles for insulation. It diffuses sunlight more effectively than traditional plastic film, providing more uniform light distribution and reducing the risk of hot spots and sunburn in plants. This makes it an ideal choice for maintaining optimal growing conditions, especially for heat-sensitive crops like cannabis.

Implications for Cannabis Growing:

Cannabis plants require specific environmental conditions to thrive, including consistent light exposure and controlled temperatures. While direct sunlight may be beneficial in moderation, diffused sunlight provided by SolaWrap offers more consistent and gentle illumination, reducing the risk of stress and promoting healthier growth. Additionally, the durability of SolaWrap minimizes the risk of tears or damage during storms, ensuring uninterrupted growth and maximizing yields.

Risks of Using 6 Mil Plastic Film:

In the event of a storm or strong winds, the thinness of 6 mil plastic film increases the risk of tears or punctures, potentially exposing plants to harsh weather conditions and compromising their health. A rip in the film could result in sudden temperature fluctuations, water damage, and pest infiltration, which could negatively impact a cannabis grow and lead to loss of yield and quality.

Conclusion: When choosing a greenhouse covering for your cannabis grow, consider the benefits of diffused sunlight provided by SolaWrap over direct sunlight exposure with 6 mil plastic film. SolaWrap offers more consistent light distribution, reduced heat stress, and increased durability, ensuring optimal growing conditions and maximizing the success of your cannabis crop. Invest in quality covering to protect your investment and nurture healthy, thriving plants year-round.

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