Cannabis & SolaWrap


Growing Cannabis in a Greenhouse
– A SolaWrap greenhouse that is!

SolaWrap Covering and Cannabis… is this a match? The jury was out – but now it is back in and YES, YES, YES! SolaWrap covering makes for a match made in heaven when it comes to growing cannabis… at least that what our cannabis growing customers are telling us!

A greenhouse covered in Solawrap means:

  • Better Yields
  • More growing time because you won’t be doing recovers
  • Reduced heating, and cooling costs
  • Reduced Lighting needs

Give us a shout and find out why SolaWrap may be just what you need to get growing!

According to the INC report…” growing cannabis greenhouse enables almost the same yield at four to six harvests per year, but at a lesser cost. The cultivators reported that cannabis cultivated in the greenhouse can produce a pound of weed at a US$50 (AU$64) cost, when indoor cultivation needs US$300 to US$500 (AU$384 to AU$640) for the same yield.”

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