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Polydress SolaWrap-Put it up once and your DONE!

Solawrap Films provides state of the art greenhouse plastic covering solutions for the greenhouse industry. Cut costs, increase plant growth, and increase profits for your business.

"This product is revolutionizing the greenhouse industry now!"
-Ken Aguilar !

Greenhouse_Plastic_SolaWrap_PW_houseGreenhouse Plastic Extreme Durability

Polydress Solawrap provides an all year round growing solution. It is more resistant to hail storms and  snow than any other film on the market. Pictured below is an install in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Talk about "Snow Load"!  

Solawrap greenhouse plastic Can handle 120 lbs per square foot snow load rating Greenhouse_plastic_Solawrap_roll(approximately 15 feet of snow)







 Transparency and Diffusion

Polydress SolaWrap guarantees an even amount of light diffusion over the entirety of the structure- approximately 83%  of which 30% is healthy infrared light.  More than 100 air bubbles per square foot!Greenhouse_Plastic_Oklahoma.jpg


Greenhouse  Bubble Plastic with  UV Protection 

 Polydress Solawrap greenhouse plastic remains clear optimizing incoming sunlight and maintaining proper interior temperature levels.

SolaWrap Covers: This Greenhouse Plastic Offers:

  • R-Value 1.7 compared to an R value of 0.85 for 6 mil polyethylene  
  • 83% transparency
  • 10 year warranty against UV degradation
  • up to 83% diffused light (only product on the market with both high transparency and high diffusion)  
  • 120 lbs per square foot snow load rating (approx 15 feet of snow)
  • 100 mph wind rating (has survived 135 mph windstorms in Alaska)
  • Full UV Degradation warranty of 10 years (better warranty than polycarbonate)
  • Has been shown to last up to 27 years on greenhouses in Europe
  • Does not yellow or get brittle
  • Flexible so it can be rolled up inside wall curtains
  • More cost efficient than polycarbonate 
  • It's the "ONE AND DONE" film! Put it up once and forget it. 

Greenhouse_plastic_Buy_Now   Click here to watch some videos of Solawrap in action!

What does Author Eliot Coleman who has over 49 years of experience in all aspects of organic farming have to say about SolaWrap? Visit his website here to find out!

Propagation Trays- Beaver Boards Lettuce Rafts now available in the U.S. and shipped from the U.S.! 

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 Terra Moist Hydrogel is here!  

Terra Moist is a hydrogel  that swells upon contact with water and retains a large amount of that water for the plants to consume over time. It also retains water soluble nutrients.  MORE


The Sola Greenhouse Frame CL Series and AW Series are here!


Where in the U.S. is SolaWrap???


Click here to read more about the world-class greenhouse cover!

"In testament to the strength of Solawrap we had an unusually large and wet 4 inches of snow earlier this year, which collapsed the 1 inch ribs in the greenhouse. However, it was all held together by the Solawrap. The fabric did not even come out of the slip channels at all. That was the only thing that kept the whole greenhouse together.

When we went to clean the snow off the supporting ribs we were able to raise it back up right away. Pretty amazing because the 14 foot high ceiling spans almost 20 feet wide and the snow was very heavy. Not even any stretching of the Solawrap let alone any tearing was observed."

 Dana Harden


"Tomato Plants are pushing up into the roof!"

Hello Ken,

Just a quick note to let you know that in the Solawrap Greenhouse #1
we had tomatoes before the first of July 2014. No one in the area had any yet and we
took them to the local Farmers Market and sold out in the first hour.

The tomato plants are pushing up into the roof of the greenhouse and we are having to trim
them back, like feet of trimming at a time!

Basil jumps out of the ground and we can harvest many time on the same plant.

Thanks for all your help.

Please tell those guys making this stuff to make more faster as we will be doing greenhouse
#3 soon. (#2 almost done)




"Your roof held up very well! We had more snow this year than we did in 1979 which was about 75" total. Thank you.   Ken Kinsch- Kinsch's Garden Supply Pallatine, Illinois.  SolaWrap was installed November 2013.
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