Why did Thomas C. choose SolaWrap greenhouse plastic? Here's what we know.

Thomas lives in the snowy state of Northern Michgan! He moved there from New Mexico where he grew mainly green chilis. Thomas e needed a greenhouse cover that will handle the snow and allow him to grow his beloved chilis!  Here is what Thomas said,                                                                 

" Snow loads are no problem at all except I find I must keep the front plowed to accept the periodic avalanches, coming from the cover. The cover itself could care less. No amount of snow threatens the fabric or the track that I have seen in 2 heavy winters."

Why did Thomas C. choose SolaWrap greenhouse plastic


Here's how it all began. Thomas states,

"The first pic show the layout a little in the beginning. The arches are pinned in a "U" shaped fastener at the top plate. This allows the bow to move up and down. this because our frost line here is about 4' and if I had a foundation it would have to be as deep as my basement. The ground heaves every winter so the entire structure needs to be free to move with it. The bows are spaced 4' OC with 2X4 spacers, top, middle, and bottom, before each purlin is screwed down, This is critical in order to space the tracks to accept the sheeting. The ends of the sheeting are rolled and sandwiched at the top and bottom to keep moisture and bugs out, then screwed to the front of the wooden ventboxes at the top and a 2X10 skirt at the bottom. The ends are framed using thin Plywood bent and laminated with epoxy to match the curve of the underside of the end bows plate at the top, and "ground treated" plywood beneath a 2X4 plate at the bottom."


Build a Small Greenhouse in Your Backyard!

Are Backyard Greenhouses A Good Idea?

Thomas decided it was time to build a small backyard greenhouse with SolaWrap Greenhouse Plastic! He built it himself thus gaining the design flexibility he wanted!  

Some might say he built a "mini greenhouse"! Yes it was a great decision because Thomas could grow just the right amount of chili's and other vegetables for his family. It was most definately worth it.

Visit the Solawrap main page to learn more about this revolutionary greenhouse plastic. We hear it all the time, It's the best greenhouse plastic ever!"


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