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SolaWrap Greenhouse Covers

ENERGY SAVINGS:  Solawrap greenhouse plastic has surpassed other greenhouse roofing materials on the market today.Polydress SolaWrap saves more energy with its unique German design feature- the air bubbles.These air bubbles are specificaly engineered to both insulate and diffuse sunlight. In combination with the profile attachement, the keder lockng mechansm ensures a water and air-tight structure that can withstand the most EXTREME elements and climates. SolaWarap greenhouse plastic provides an insulating effect that retains up to 95% of heat radiation while providing an impresive R-value of 1.7! This energy efficient design represents a significant cost savings for the greenhouse owner.

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    Proven Winners Greenhouse
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    Install in progress
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 The Future of Greenhouse Roofing Starts Here.

The scientific design of SolaWrap™ borrows nature’s honeycomb structure to give the film a more impact-resistant durability, to contain air for higher insulation values and to diffuse sunlight at 83% throughout the entire structure.

Solawrap durability

  DURABILITYWith over 30 years of design expertise and scientific testing hailstones,snowstorms, hurricane winds, and severe hot and cold weather are not match for this greenhouse film. SolaWrap maintains the highest of global manufacturing standards!

  We feel confident in certifying Polydress® Sola Wrap to meet your present and future greenhouse roofing needs. When you cover your greenhouse with Sola  Wrap, you are investing in the success of your busine


"In wintertime, the indoor temeratures are up to 11° F higher than in our other greenhouses.” -Customer Testimonial

Greeenhouse Plastic Sheeting sola_looking_out_PW_house

TRANSPARENCY AND LIGHT DIFFUSION:  Apply SolaWrap for insulation on par with triple wall polycarbonate (which cannot be applied to hoop houses due to it’s rigid nature), as well as 83% light transmission and 83% light diffusion.  This amount of light will allow your plants to grow at a faster rate.  Clients using this product in the Mediterranean have reported a 3 week advancement of tomato crops in structures covered with SolaWrap when compared to structures covered in other forms of polyethylene.  Plants flourish under diffused light.  Only SolaWrap provides high light transmission, high light diffusion, and high insulation.


Solawrap Energy SavingsSolawrap installation


EASE OF INSTALATION: SolaWrap offers the easiest installation of any greenhouse plastic. Our patent pending slide and lock technology is easy and safe to use. Simple slide the bubble wrap plastic sheeting piece into the connecting stations and that’s it.  You can have confidence this extrusion will hold.  Here is an image of the extrusion being hit with a 240 pound dart test! No Problem! At Solawrap, we are always testing to see how we can make things better!


Polydress® Sola Wrap is a flexible material that can easily be cut with a knife or scissors.  Whether replacing your existing roofing material or building a new structure, the film’s light weight allows for quick and easy installation.  SolaWrap is utilized in conjunction with the unique profile locking sustem allowing for new sections to be exchanged with older seciongs with ease. You can increase the size of your greenhouse by adding sections to the hoop structure. The size of your greenhouse can grow with your business demands.

The SolaWrap extrusion/tracking is flexible!


SolaWrap provides high light transmission, high light diffusion, and high insulation.

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